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Supplier Profile: Paragrafix's Paul Bodensiek

Posted by on Nov 3rd 2016

With everyday business keeping us pretty occupied, it's often nice to take a step back and dig a bit deeper into some of the relationships we have with our many suppliers. One of them, Paul Bodensiek of Paragrafix, is a relationship that goes back to the start of his business nearly a decade ago. Paul has been a big supporter of and our modeling efforts, and we always try our best to return the favor as best we can. Paul's history in modeling goes back to when he was a kid, as most … read more Is Moving!

Posted by on Oct 14th 2016

We are thrilled to announce that will be moving on Wednesday, October 19, 2016!A few years ago we made a short-term move from Long Island, NY to our current location in Runnemede, NJ. But our long-term goal was to construct a brand-new building to house our headquarters and fulfillment center. This construction is now complete, allowing us to complete this move in time for the 2016 holiday season.Our move does not take us very far – just a few minutes down the road from our … read more

Top 10 Weathering Products For Modelling

Posted by on Oct 11th 2016

Using the proper weathering products is the best way to take your modeling projects to the next level. With an added element of realism, weathering is not just for advanced modelers. With the proper direction and products, a modeler of any skill level can turn their model kit into a beautiful, realistic scene.1. Xtreme Metal Color SeriesXtreme Metal is a new, high quality metallic range by AK Interactive. Developed with outstanding pigments, it is specially formulated to give you the … read more

Top 7 Glues for Scale Modelling

Posted by on Sep 16th 2016

The supply we modelers go through the most is plastic glue. Used at every point of each project, glue is not only the top selling item throughout the hobby industry, but something that each modeler finds a passionate preference for. Many have their preferred brands or types, while others aren’t quite sure where to start. The glue you choose should depend on your skill level, project, and patience with glue setting time. Here are our choices for the top seven plastic model glues to use:Pla … read more

How to Clean an Airbrush Properly

Posted by on Aug 30th 2016

Cleaning your airbrush properly after each use is crucial to maintaining an efficient, operating airbrush. Purchasing a quality airbrush is often an expensive investment, and the best way to protect that investment is to do a quick cleaning to take good care of the airbrush by following these steps:1. Loosen the airbrush’s needle chucking nut2. Pull back the needle slightly to open up the flow3. Put a few drops of airbrush cleaner into the color cup. One of our favorites is Vallejo’s … read more