​Benefits of Building Plastic Model Kits

Posted by on Mar 13th 2018

If you build scale models in your free time, chances are you already know the excellent benefits of assembling plastic scale models and how they can improve your cognitive function. For those that aren't familiar, here are the top five benefits of scale modeling. From emotional support to learning new and fascinating historical facts, there are some distinct benefits that come with this hobby.

Exercise Your Artistic Skills

With any project, the creative side of your brain gets much-needed exercise. Scale model building is an art form, and while you can follow the directions exactly or paint the model in historically accurate fashions, you can also paint outside of the lines and add your own personal flair. There are no right or wrong ways to build a model—it's all up to your personal preference and what you hope to get out it.

Learn the History of Your Models

Whether building models of WWII bombers or an 80’s muscle car, scale model building provides a unique opportunity to dive deep into the history of the vehicle you're building. In fact, before making our own models, we usually spend hours scouring the web for details about the vehicle's paint-scheme, when it first was used, and other relevant facts.

Learning about your model before starting will give you a deeper appreciation for the craftsmanship and design that went into the full-scale original vehicle and entice you even more so to complete it.

Test Your Organization Skills

Scale models come in many shapes and sizes, some with hundreds of parts and some models with only a dozen. Regardless, at every skill level, you have to be able to complete the project by organizing the components of the model and following a list of detailed steps to end up with a beautiful piece.

If you skip any steps, you could end up with extra parts or a model that looks nothing like you had envisioned. With experience comes more skill, but at the start, organization and following the instructions is a fundamental benefit to building models.

Clear Your Head

Taking a break from the stresses of everyday life to sit down for a couple of hours and build a model is a great stress reliever and is often recommended for people working high-stress jobs. Especially if you are an introvert or enjoy your alone time, scale model building is an excellent outlet for stress by focusing on the steps in the instructions or trying to exercise your creativity with the paint scheme.

Building a Collection

If you love collecting things, model making is definitely the hobby for you. Along with the other benefits we listed above, at the end of the building process, you're left with a beautiful scale model of a classic car, plane, or another vehicle to proudly display on the shelf and appreciate for years to come.

What is your favorite part of building scale models? What keeps you coming back to assemble a new one each week? Let us know! We love to hear from fellow model builders about their inspirations.