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The idea of MegaHobby.com was first conceived in December 1999. We decided to create a site that was dedicated to our childhood passion, model building. We understand the positive effects that modeling has on people's lives and want to share that with others. Our hope at MegaHobby.com is to continue to support the hobby industry by providing others worldwide with any hobby product they need. 

MegaHobby.com makes it easy for everyone to shop online and find everything they need in one convenient place. We are busy enhancing and updating the site on a daily basis to keep it fresh and interesting for every visitor that stops by. You will find a wide variety of models and many different skill levels to accommodate all builders. Visit the site often to see the many different items we offer.

MegaHobby.com also stocks a wide variety of paints, supplies, detailing sets, and books to satisfy every customer's needs. There are also many educational and historical items that are perfect for science and school projects. We have also expanded our product line to include puzzles, paint by number sets, science kits, and more

We have made navigation of the site simple and our shopping cart is secure, fast and dependable. We strive to provide you with a safe & rewarding online shopping experience.

In 2016, MegaHobby.com relocated to Magnolia, NJ, to a 10,000-square foot warehouse, to provide even quicker shipping times and faster service to all of our customers. MegaHobby.com has been serving customers in the online retail business for over 20 years. Our company is the result of hard work, determination and passion. We hope that you will enjoy our site just as much as we do!

About the owners:

The Bass family began in the hobby industry in 1955 when Felix Bass, an avid stamp collector, decided to travel among local hobby shops to sell his surplus stamps. In doing so, he saw the variety of other hobby goods stocked by the shops he visited, and decided there was an opportunity to sell the stores those products, too. He and his wife, Inge, cleared space in the basement and main floor of their modest Southern New Jersey home and began to buy model kits, paints and other goods to sell along with his stamps. They worked tirelessly for long hours until they outgrew their space, and subsequently moved to a new home which conveniently came with a large detached garage and storage area. Year after year, the business expanded and became the premier hobby distributor in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Years later in 1982, he left Bass and Co. to partner with his wife, Inge, and his son Michael, to open Stevens International, destined to become one of the largest hobby distributors in the country. Felix continued to work until he passed in 2008 at the age of 81, at which point Stevens was nationally known as one of the premier suppliers for hobby shops across the USA and internationally. Four years later, son Alan joined Michael as the third generation of Bass family in the hobby industry. Alan subsequently became the owner of MegaHobby.com in 2013.

Through three generations, the Bass family has passed down a tradition of caring, ethics, and most importantly, treating every employee and customer like a member of the family. Customer service and loyalty to those who support us has always been at the top of our pyramid. But most importantly, a love of what we do and an appreciation of the passion our customers have for their hobbies is what keeps us going every day. Thank you for being a part of our expanded hobby family!