Build Review of Ebbro's 1/48 scale HondaJet

Build Review of Ebbro's 1/48 scale HondaJet

Posted by on May 2nd 2018

Today we bring you another MegaHobby build and review! The subject of this build is Ebbro's newly-tooled HondaJet in 1/48 scale. Though a bit on the pricey side, this kit is filled with some great detail and is a unique subject not yet done by any other manufacturer.

The HondaJet is the first aircraft developed by the Honda Aircraft Company. The plane is manufactured in North Carolina and is one of the newest small-sized business jets. It got FAA certification in 2015 and began delivering customers the aircraft shortly thereafter. As of the end of 2017, HondaJet had 43 aircraft delivered around the globe.

On the first day, we pre-painted the two main sprues using Tamiya acrylic (X and XF series) and began putting together the cockpit and cabin using both Testors and Tamiya cement. So far the parts fit quite nicely and very little extra work needed to be done to get them in working condition.

Next, we've put the two main fuselage pieces together and prepared the front end of the fuselage for attachment just as soon as the first step dries. It is interesting how this kit includes the option of the front end fuselage in both blue and red -- and it is molded in color, separately from the rest of the body. It makes for a nice touch -- and the two sides fit together beautifully, with no putty needed just yet!

The tail pieces went on quite nicely, and in fact slid together like a puzzle once both sides were pushed into the back of the fuselage. The wings went together similarly, though were a bit of a struggle. Both wings needed a bit of filler ( Vallejo putty, in this case), but nothing crazy. The engines also fit very well, with no extra work needed to get them looking like they belong.

We next prepared and attached the landing gear and finished up the detail parts on the fuselage. We opted for the closed door, although the parts are there to build it with the door/stairs open. We also began applying some of the decals, many of which help hide any open lines from the attachment of the fuselage parts.

And there you have it! Our next MegaHobby build is complete, and was it ever a good one. This HondaJet is Ebbro's first foray into 1/48 scale aircraft kits, and we were mighty impressed. Nearly every part fit together perfectly, and the ones that didn't needed very little work in order to put together. Adding chrome parts in place of ones that would normally be painted chrome was a great touch, and made for an even better finish that we wouldn't have been able to get without using Bare Metal Foil or Molotow pens.

We highly recommend this kit to any model aircraft lover. It was not too difficult, an intermediate modeler could put this together fairly easily. Have you built this kit yet? Share your work with us, we'd love to see what you did with it!