Build Review of ICM's 1/24 scale Model T Roadster

Posted by on May 2nd 2018

The Ford Model T was a cheaper variety of automobile at the time it was released in the early 20th century, making it an early vehicle that could be mass-produced and mass-owned by those across America. With over 15 million Model T's sold during its years of production, it is the most popular car of its time. This 1913 Model T Roadster model kit is manufactured by ICM Models out of Ukraine. One of their early forays into the model car game, it provides a great entry to intermediate car modeling for anyone who is ready to jump into the classic paint/glue models. And with the Model T being one of our favorite cars, it was natural for us to do a build and review on the kit!

On the first day of our build, we assembled the engine and attached it to the undercarriage. So far, the pieces are going together well and the kit has been fairly simple to assemble. We used Tamiya XF and X acrylic paints, along with Testors plastic model cement and Plastruct plastic weld. Also, note the great 18 x 12 cutting mat!

Next up was paint day for our build! We pre-painted the main sprue, along with the wheel spokes, in preparation for some major assembly over the next few days.

Next on the agenda for our was assembling the body and interior. The interior was a bit of a challenge, with some mighty small parts stubbornly refusing to stay in place -- but a bit of CA glue helped solve that problem. The body went together very easily and needed very little cleanup.

Almost there! Our build of the ICM Model T Roadster is nearly complete. We assembled the final parts of the body and exterior. We gave it a full 24 hours to dry before doing some final touches to finish it up.

The MegaHobby build of ICM's Model T Roadster is now complete! One of our favorite classic cars, the kit was a blast to put together. Very little cleanup was needed and it was definitely not too advanced for an intermediate modeler. Some of the small interior parts did not go in too easily, but altogether, the kit is well made, fun to build, and looks great when done. We highly recommend the kit to a beginner car modeler looking to move to the next step, or to an intermediate looking to refine their skills and add another beauty to the shelf!