How-To Videos

Here at we regularly add new videos to our Facebook page and our YouTube channel. Below, you can see multiple playlists from our YouTube page, including: our collection of Plastic Modeling Basics videos, for beginners; our How-To video series, hosted by Jack Lynch; and our unboxings, hosted by Brett Barrow. We hope these videos give you even more information and satisfy your hunger for more hobby content!

 Plastic Modeling Basics (YouTube Playlist)

In this series, Jack Lynch teaches you the basics of plastic modeling, so that you and any other beginner can get into one of our favorite hobbies in a snap! Included in this series is: how to pick the right tools, how to pick the correct glue for your project, how to select a model kit, cracking open the box and getting started, and more!

How-To Videos (YouTube Playlist)

In this series, Jack Lynch goes through various hobby techniques, showing you step-by-step instructions and examples of how to utilize them. This includes, weathering your model kit, airbrushing basics, how to make a diorama, how to use various new products that have come in the door, and more. Is there a specific product you're having trouble using that you want some expert tips on? Let us know, and we'll add it to our lineup! 

Unboxing Videos (YouTube Playlist)

We're extremely lucky at to receive a majority of new kits before anyone else in the USA. Because of that, we want to give our loyal customers a first look at some of the hotter kits that come through our door. In this series, Brett Barrow cracks open the box for the first time, shows you what's inside, and analyzes the parts to help you get a better feel for the product, so you have even more confidence when you add it to your shopping cart.