World of Tanks Miniatures Game 17ml Acrylic Paint Set (8 Colors) Vallejo Paint

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Includes 3 World of Tanks: Miniatures Game cards and a detailed step-by-step guide to help players get more out of their World of Tanks miniatures, including basic painting techniques and detailed easy-to-follow instructions for painting the armor and tracks of the tanks on the game.

The World of Tanks: Miniatures Game paint set is the result of the collaboration between Gale Force Nine and Vallejo. World of Tanks is the online world’s biggest, Guiness World Record Holding, MMO* game, which is now brought to life with World of Tanks: Miniatures Game.

* Massive Multiplayer Online.

8 x 17 ml/0.57 fl oz Model Color
+ 2 synthetic brushes

819 Drybrush (Iraqi Sand)
875 Wood (Beige Brown)
897 UK Tank (Bronze Green)
887 USA Tank (US Olive Drab)
894 USSR Tank (Camo Olive Green)
863 Metal (Gunmetal Grey)
869 German Tank (Basalt Grey)
201 Black Wash