The Weathering Aircraft Magazine Issue 23: Worn Warriors by AMMO by Mig Jimenez

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Reference: A.MIG-5223
Title: TWA 23 Worn Warriors
Author/s: Yang Yu Pei, Marek Nováček, Alex Hernández, Philippe Roger, Ricardo Batista
Publisher: AMMO by Mig Jiménez
Subject: Painting and weathering techniques
Collection The Weathering Aircraft 
Languages: English
No. of pages & Description: Softcover, 62 pages with high-quality full-colour photos 
ISSN 2445-1177 / EAN: 8432074051237


In the 22nd issue of The Weathering Aircraft, we are going to focus on a topic that is arguably the most fun part about making an airplane model. It´s not only important to build the kit correctly, but we must also bring the painting and weathering to the next level. Representing extreme weathering can also be one of the most complicated stages. In addition to mastering the use of the airbrush and being able to replicate a camouflage scheme perfectly, you will need to know how to apply various techniques to depict an operational aircraft with clearly visible weathering effects.

In this issue, we put into practice everything necessary to represent this look, using chipping and scratches, dirt, streaking marks, and a host of effects common to aircraft. We use different techniques and products to achieve variation in all types of aircraft from World War II to ships in a galaxy far, far away. For this, as always, we have the help of some of the best aircraft modellers in the world to guide us step by step through the processes. Following their advice, you will be able to obtain lifelike, almost photo realistic finishes.