The Weathering Magazine Issue 37: Airbrush 2.0 by AMMO by Mig Jimenez

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Reference: A.MIG-4536
Title: TWM 37 Airbrush 2.0
Author/s: Liang Yushen, Andreia Rodrigues, José Luis López, Jarosław Rydzyński, Domingo Hernández, Jorge Porto
Publisher: AMMO by Mig Jiménez
Subject: Painting and weathering techniques
Collection The Weathering Magazine 
Languages: English
No. of pages & Description: Softcover, 70 pages with high-quality full-colour photos 
ISSN: 2340-275X / EAN: 8432074045366



It´s a fact that the airbrush is a near essential tool for modelling. And it´s equally true that the airbrush inspires precaution and some fear among many modellers because they consider it a complex tool to use.

No problem!! As always at AMMO, our mission is to make this hobby easier and more accessible to the modeller. And in this case, after a first issue devoted to the most technical aspects of the subject such as the types of airbrushes and compressors, most common mistakes and failures, and more, we now present a second volume where we will show you different examples for you to follow. He we will make intimidating camouflage, metallics, dusting, and figure painting much easier for you to approach and execute with confidence. Included are examples that touch many of the different modelling subjects and that are explained quickly, clearly and simply, so you can easily follow them easily thanks to our experienced group of collaborators.