Star Trek: USS Enterprise D Power Conduit Trench Covers Photo-Etch Set 1/1400 Paragrafix Modeling Systems

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ParaGrafix is pleased to announce that we have purchased the rights to Don’s Light and Magic’s classic Enterprise D Power Trench Covers. We manufactured these parts for DLM for about a decade before Don’s untimely passing.

This photoetch set allows the builder to run wires to the warp engines despite the kit’s solid warp engine pylons.

The two photoetched pieces replicate the details that have to be removed when routing out a channel through which to run wires for the engines, the Bussard collectors, and running lights.

As a bonus, each piece is designed so that it can be used as a common ground lead, reducing the number of wires that have to be run through the channels.

FOR KIT: AMT #8772 and all rereleases