Star Trek: USS Enterprise NCC1701 Refit Window Templates Photo-Etch Set for AMT 1/537 Paragrafix

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Drill accurately placed, consistently sized windows for the newly re-relesed classic 1/537 scale Refit U.S.S. Enterprise kit from AMT. This set will also work with previous releases of the kit, including the original "smoothie"' release. Sized for 1.5mm (0.06"') and 0.25mm (0.01") fiber optics.

Includes pilot holes for the docking ports to locate the correctly – can be used with metal or plastic tubing* for nice, smooth walls. For those not wishing to add the tubing, docking port details for the stock kit recesses are included.

Also includes torpedo launcher details, arboretum and officers lounge windows, new bridge rear bulkhead, and dorsal vent details.

BONUS: Includes the four marker lights only seen on the larger, more detailed docking port model.

* Tubing not included.