Roller Skating Robot Educational Construction Kit Tamiya

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This assembly kit creates the Roller Skating Robot, a cool customer which moves forward by the opening and closing its legs in a swizzle motion, facilitated by stoppers on the casters that help convert the legs' sideward motion into forward power for the Robot. Each skate has a rudder on the rear that lets you alter the direction the Robot skates in, and it can even be run along components such as Tamiya universal arms, used like rails. Body parts are molded in white and have a simple, cute design complete with face, and an optional blue body part is included - use it if you want to check out how the Robot works as it moves!

Tamiya’s energetic Craft Model Design team never rest! They’ve come up with their latest whimsical Robot creation in a fun new way with the introduction of the Roller-Skating Robot. The Roller-Skating Robot moves forward by opening and closing its legs. This motion is the same as actual skating – a type of motion called swizzle.

Key features of our Rolling Skating friend:
• This Roller-Skating Robot moves forward by opening and closing its legs, and caster limit restricts caster movement and changes lateral to forward motion.
• The rudders on the roller skates can be adjusted to turn right and left.
• Push the left rudder to the outside to turn left, and the right rudder outside to turn right.
• Choose between clear blue body which allows viewing of internal mechanisms and white one which can be freely painted.
• Speed: 33.3 cm/s=1.2 km/h (It takes about 3 seconds to run 1 meter.)
• Minimum turning radius: about 300mm.
• Includes everything needed for easy snap-fit/screw-together assembly.
• Comes with type 130 motor.
• One AA battery is required (sold separately).
• Can move along rails if desired (separately sold universal arms).