Hydraulic Robotic Arm Educational Wooden Kit Pathfinders

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Assembly Required. Skill Level 2. Ages 10 & Up.
This robotic arm is an easy to make 3 dimensional model that grabs, lifts items horizontally, and can turn very close to 90 degrees! Designed to be used alone (with a nice syringe holder), or in a group - each person using one syringe. A great way to learn about Robotics, Levers and Simple Machines, Fluid dynamics, Engineering, and Invention, and Design and Technology - or just moving things around the house (small things, mind you - no dogs or cats, please.) Easy to make in about an hour or two, it sretches 49 cm (16 inches) out, swings 18 cm (7 inches) around, and stands 37 cm (13 inches) high. Best of all: no batteries required! Includes die-cut plywood, base, glue and instructions. Comes boxed.