Albatros D.III (OAW) 1/32 Roden

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Albatros D.III (OAW) 1/32 Roden

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The prototype of the future Albatros D.III rose into the air for the first time at the end of August 1916. It featured more rounded wing tips, had new V-shaped inter-wing struts and a wing-mounted radiator. What with its good handling, its speed and its graceful appearance, the D.III was an advance on all other contemporary German planes, and by the end of the year the first production Albatros D.IIIs arrived at the fighter units. In April 1917 the Albatros D.III gained the majority of the 150 victories achieved by the Germans in the air - this period has become notorious in the history of the Great War as 'Bloody April'. Never had the aircraft of the Allied nations incurred such heavy losses during such a short period of time. Even after the appearance of the later, improved, Albatros D.V, D.III manufacture was not stopped, because certain characteristics remained superior even to its successor. At its peak presence at the front, in October 1917, a total of 446 of the Albatros D.III were in the service of the German Air Force.

Please see the paint guide below for the manufacturer’s recommended colors. Roden recommends Model Master paints for this kit, and you can find the full line by clicking here.

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Product Details:

Scale: 1/32

Skill Level: 3

- Molded in high quality plastic

- Illustrated instructions

- Includes decals for four versions:

  1. Albatros D.III (OAW), s/n unknown, Jasta 39, flown by Obltn. Josef Loeser, Italian Front, Summer 1917.
  2. Albatros D.III (OAW), s/n unknown, Marine Field Jasta III, pilot unknown, Autumn 1917.
  3. Albatros D.III (OAW), w/n unconfirmed, Armee Abteilung B, Summer 1917.
  4. Albatros D.III (OAW), w/n unconfirmed, Oblt. Erich Loewenhardt, Jasta 10, Western Front, Summer 1917.

*Cement is recommended for polystyrene plastic*


Paint Guide:

Matte Slate Grey

Gloss Purple

Matte US Tan

Matte Black

Matte Linen

Matte Light Green

Matte White

Matte WWI Purple

Matte Pale Blue


Matte Natural Wood

Insignia Yellow


Matte Rust

Camouflage Grey

Matte Scarlet

Matte US Dark Green

Red Leather