Pfalz D.III 1/32 Roden

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The first D.III fighters reached the front during July of 1917. Pilots reported that the D.III had excellent maneuverability, visibility, good climb, and speed. But the gun placement inside the fuselage was not to the pilots liking and the pilots recommended installing the weapon above the engine (at eye level). Overall, the Pfalz D.III was a great plane for its time. 260 planes of this type were built between April and October of 1917; on the 1st of November the new D.IIIa arrived at the Front. But many D.III's were still in service; some of them were still seen at the Front until the autumn of 1918 and the last one was scrapped in October of 1918.

Please see the paint guide below for the manufacturer’s recommended colors. Roden recommends Model Master paints for this kit, and you can find the full line by clicking here.

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Product Details:

Scale: 1/32

Skill Level: 3

- Molded in high quality plastic

- Illustrated instructions

- Includes decals for three versions:

  1. Pfalz D.III, D.1395/17, Jasta 10, flown by Ltn. Aloys Heldmann, 1917
  2. Pfalz D.III, serial unknown, Jasta 10, flown by Ltn. Hans Klein, 1917
  3. Pfalz D.III, D. 4064/17, Jasta 34 b, flown by Ltn.  udolf Stark, 1917
  4. Pfalz D.III, D. 4114/17, Kest 8, winter 1917-1918
  5. Pfalz D.III, D.4056/17, Jasta 16B, 1917
  6. Pfalz D.III, serial unknown, Jasta 18, flown by Ltn. W. Kleffel, winter 1917

*Cement is recommended for polystyrene plastic*


Paint Guide:

Light Grey

Matte WWI Purple

Matte WWI Green

Matte Dark Grey

Matte Natural Wood






Matte Scarlet

Matte Pale Blue

Gloss Black

Red Leather

Matte Rust

Matte White