2001 Space Odyssey: Aries 1B Lunar Shuttle Airlock Door for MOE 1/48 Paragrafix

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Update the exterior of Moebius Models' 1/48 scale Aries 1B with an accurate airlock door.

This updated door features:

The door sits at the proper depth from the outer hull.
Rectangular door as opposed to one that is a trapezoid.
The quantity and pattern of ribs exactly match the filming miniature.
The details on the door itself properly extend to meet the rib details.
The part stands slightly proud of the kit hull (roughly 0.005", 0.1mm) to aid in making a seamless joint between the two.
Installation couldn't be easier: simply omit kit part 35 and glue this piece in its stead.

FOR KIT: Moebius 2001-7