Vanguard German Heavy Cruisers 1939-1945 Osprey Books

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Great Book by Osprey Publishing. 48 pages
This title will cover the Heavy Cruisers of the Admiral Hipper class, namely the Admiral Hipper, the Blcher, the Prinz Eugen, the Seydlitz and the Ltzow. Starting with the development of this excellent and successful class of warship, only possible after the Anglo-German naval agreement of 1935 eased restrictions on the types of ship Germany could build. Only five of the class were permitted. These Cruisers were designed for Atlantic operations and had eight 8 inch guns, twelve 10.5 cm heavy anti-aircraft guns and seventeen smaller calibre anti aircraft guns as well as twelve torpedo tubes and their own compliment of up to six aircraft. Only three of the class saw significant action, Hipper, Blcher and Prinz Eugen. Their careers will be covered in some detail, Blcher being sunk during the invasion of Norway by Norwegian shore batteries, Hipper having a long and fairly successful career as a convoy raider and also in operations off the North Cape. She was used to evacuate civilians from the advancing Red Army in early 1945 and was crippled by an RAF bombing raid in Kiel in April 1945, finally being scrapped in 1949. Prinz Eugen is famous as the consort of the Bismarck during her fateful Atlantic sortie, but also took part in the Channel Dash, as well as actions in Norwegian waters and bombarding Soviet troop movements in late 1944 early 1945. She was the only one of the class to survive the war unscathed, but was handed to the US Navy and sunk during Atomic bomb tests on Bikini Atoll in the Pacific in 1946.Seydlitz was never completed, and Ltzow was sold to Russia, only partially completed before the German attack on the Soviet Union brought the two countries to war.