DKM U-Boat Type VIIC U-552 1/48 Trumpeter

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A total of 568 Type VIIC U-boat (Unterseeboot) of the German Navy submarine fleet were launched between 1940 and 1945, starting with U-69. Type VIIC was in operational service early in WW2 near the end of the Battle of the Atlantic, the so-called "First Happy Time" when U-boats inflicted heavy losses against the British Royal Navy and Allied shipping. Between January and August 1942, German U-boats struck US Navy & merchant shipping in a phase of WW2 known as the “Second Happy Time” in the Atlantic off the east coast of North America, causing heavy losses. Type VIIC was the most numerous submarine in service when Allied efforts finally defeated the U-boat campaign in late 1943 and early 1944.

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Product Details:

Scale: 1/48
Skill Level: 4
Length: 55.1”
Beam: 5.4”
Parts: 1100+
- Painting and assembly required

- 25 sprues
- Fully detailed interior includes front and rear living rooms, transmitter receiver room, sonar room, central control room, diesel engine room, electromotor and rear torpedo tube compartment
- Three-piece hull
- Detailed diesel engine assembly
- Accurate weaponry includes 88mm chase gun, aerial defense scatter gun, and 12 torpedoes
- Includes display stand and nameplate
- One photo-etched fret
- One decal sheet
- Includes parts for 36 figures including torpedo operators, sonar officers, diners, navigators, cooks, captain, artillery operators, torpedo crews and more
- Clear parts, including starboard hull for interior view
- Illustrated instructions and paint guide
*Cyanoacrylate glue is required for photo-etched parts*


Paint Guide:

Character Yellow
Light Brown
Earth Green
Dark Sea Grey
Engine Grey
Flat Black
RLM 02 Grey
Super Black
Light Grey
Grey Blue
Medium Sea Grey
Wood Brown
Metallic Blue
Metallic Green
Flat White
RLM 78 Light Blue
Metal Black