The Glue Looper Micro-Glue Applicator Creative Dynamic

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No Mess! No Excess! Fits into any standard hobby knife!

THE GLUE LOOPER is a micro glue applicator made for applying a VERY small amount of LOW VISCOSITY (i.e. - very thin) glue where you want it to go with very little or no trace of the glue. It fits any standard hobby knife handle that uses a flat clamping front vise, Can be reused for multiple glue applications. Cleans very easy. Includes 4 each of the 3 different sizes: Small (used for fine detail work), Medium (used for small to medium applications), and Large (used for surface areas requiring a higher flow of liquid glue).

Through research and development along with comments they have received from customers, they have designed a new Glue Looper (referred to as version 2) .
The Glue Looper v2 is an advance in precision fluid (glue) placement that exceeds the original (v1) by 75%.
Through the course of research and development we had a group of top North American modelers 'test drive' our prototype for this version. The 75% precision accuracy increase is based on the company's research.

The new Glue Looper v2 features include:

Now made of stainless steel

Twice the metal thickness of v1 Looper

The addition of a 'fluid-groove'. The fluid-groove helps over dipping and we have found it self regulates the accumulated fluid in the loop head. Multiple applications without re-dipping can now be achieved. (It works like a quill pen)

Redesigned 'folding ears' for added thickness in a hobby knife handle. (Total folded thickness is now the same as a standard hobby blade.) These newly added 'ears' can also be used flat to extend the length of reach.

Tightly cornered, pinched areas of the design have now been removed