Star Trek The Original Series: USS Enterprise Primary Hull Deflector Grid Compass Photo-Etch Set for PLL 1/350 Paragrafix

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Polar Lights’ retooled smooth primary hull for their 1/350 scale Original Series U.S.S. Enterprise is far more accurate than the one with engraved panel lines. It does, however, present a challenge for modelers: how to get the panel lines (AKA deflector grid lines) drawn onto the hull like they are on the filming miniature.

This set of two compasses solves that problem by having precisely located pencil holes for the grid circular lines: simply tape the centering plates in the hull openings, mount the compass beam using the included T-pin and draw the concentric circles. Then, switch the T-pin to the other hole in the beam, align the edge with the integral protractor, and draw the radial lines.

BONUS: Includes “Mirror Universe” Empire emblems for the ship, precisely scaled from the decals included in Polar Lights’ 1/1000 scale kit, as well as insignia for the three branches of Star Fleet service.