Star Trek: USS Voyager Photo-Etch Set for PLL 1/1000 Paragrafix

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Update the 1/1000 scale USS Voyager kit from Polar Lights with raised-detail sensor pallets*, hinge covers, airlocks, and so much more! Includes easy-to-install light blocking panels for all clear window parts making lighting** a breeze.

This set is designed to be used by modelers of moderate experience.

Suitable for use with either the standard opaque and translucent (”clear”) versions of the kit.

BONUS: An exact duplicate Aeroshuttle made directly from the original artwork used to layout the design on the filming miniature.

Special thanks to Rick Sternbach for his invaluable help in detailing this set, especially his sketch of the Aeroshuttle that was used directly for detailing the original filming miniature.

* Sensor pallet parts made to fit precisely with the kit’s decals.

** Electronics not included.