Square Tool Sanding/Polishing Paper Holder Zona

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This convenient holder features a hinged round work surface that secures and supports sanding paper or polishing cloth, giving you excellent access to your workpiece. This shape is ideal for sanding, filing and polishing inside rings and other small, curved surfaces. Change abrasives in seconds, as often as you like, and re-use strips for as long as they are effective.

To install the abrasive material, open the hinged cover at the tip of the tool. Cut a strip of sanding paper or polishing cloth approximately 1-1/2"W; the length can be any length you like up to a maximum of 3-1/2". Wrap the strip lengthwise around the tip cover, tucking the edges into the cavity on the underside. Close the cover, securing the strip in place.

This sturdy tool is made of lightweight, durable aluminum and has a coated secure-grip handle.