Spray-Work Air Compressor Advance w/Sparmax SX0.3D Airbrush Tamiya

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This handy set makes for a great starter purchase for modelers looking to get into airbrushing. It pairs the versatile Air Compressor Advance (Item 74559) and the SX 0.3D airbrush (Item 74801).

About the Spray Work Air Compressor Advance
• Compact unit features a dial to allow easy adjustment of air pressure.
• Airbrush hanger has a sensor switch that turns on the compressor when the airbrush is removed, and off when the airbrush is replaced again.
• Transparent coiled hose is included. Being see-through, it allows quick visual identification of any moisture build up, helping you to shut down the compressor before that water causes any ‘blushing’ (cloudy finishes).
• Low noise and vibration levels cause minimum disruption to the surrounding environment.
• Selected ratings: approx. 0.21MPa (30PSI) max pressure; approx. 0.08MPa (12PSI) continuous pressure, 45db noise level.
• Dimensions: 12.5cm x 10cm x 11.5cm. Weight: approx. 600g.

About the Sparmax Airbrush SX 0.3D
• 3mm nozzle suits it ideally to work with plastic models. It can be used to great effect on points that require fine detail, and even on broader areas of color.
• The paint cup is integrated into the airbrush, and has a capacity of 7cc. The design incorporates grooves to prevent dripping of paint.