Shaper Sheet Plaster Woodland Scenics

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The Woodland Scenics Understructure and Formation collection is a complete system of products that work together to build lightweight understructure that models mountains, valleys, waterways, caves and any other land surface feature. You can shape even the most detailed terrain features. Use this unique material to model all types of terrain. Shaper Sheet Plaster offers an extended working time and bonds with Shaper Sheet to form a permanent, hard surface. The longer working time makes Shaper Sheet Plaster ideal for covering large projects. Use it as an adhesive for attaching castings to plaster.

Woodland Scenics recommends their Earth Colors liquid pigment set for this kit, click here to purchase!


Product Details:

Skill Level: 3

Weight: 4 lbs (1.81 kg)

- Includes one roll

- Ages 14+

- Instructions with helpful assembly tips