Shader Set - German Camouflage AMMO by Mig Jimenez

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The transparent and ultra-fine paint allows all skill level of modelers to apply stunningly realistic effects that seemed impossible before; from fading effects to wear and tear, shadows and highlights, altering the colours to different hues, this new range can even be applied to effect base colours like a filter. The SHADERS range give your model a dynamic and interesting finish in just minutes, making these colours perfect for modellers new to the hobby. The all new characteristics allow modelers to create effects that until now could only be achieved using more complex techniques such as glazes, washes, or filters.

Includes the following colours:

  • A.MIG-0853     Dirt Shader
  • A.MIG-0854     Grime Shader
  • A.MIG-0852     Earth Shader


More experienced modellers enjoy the convenience of applying advanced and complex effects with finesse and ease. The new SHADERS are not just another paint, but a new way of applying professional effects quickly and easily.

  • Create effects with light and volume.
  • Quickly change the tone of any colour combination
  • Easily add dirt effects and emphasize panel lines.
  • New product for quick effects
  • Non-toxic
  • Doesn´t need to be diluted.
  • Airbrush application with simple water clean-up. Shader colours don´t clog the airbrush
  • Correct or clean within several hour working time.
  • Unique formula with ultra-fine pigment