SdKfz 171 Panther G Late Production Tank w/Air Defense Armor 1/72 Dragon

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Plastic model kit. Requires paint and cement for assembly (not included)

As the Luftwaffe was progressively swept from the air as WWII wore on, German tanks became vulnerable to enemy fighters. To help counter this, Germany produced a special set of armored plates that could be mounted atop the turret and over parts of the Panther’s engine deck. These field-mounted steel plates were double-spaced on the turret top to improve protection against aircraft strafing and shrapnel.

Such a Panther Ausf.G with this interesting set of add-on antiaircraft armor is available in 1/72 scale! The armor is reproduced using the latest technology – 3D printing. This medium allows representation of the prominent armor on top of the tank turret. The four plates used to protect vulnerable parts of the engine deck, are also made via 3D printing. The tracks are convenient one-piece lengths, while the slide-molded gun barrel is also made as a single piece. The final result is a unique-looking version of the Panther, which would look perfect in a late-war diorama or as a standalone item.