Santisima Trinidad Spanish 3-Masted Sailing Warship (Advanced Level) 1/90 Occre

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The Santísima Trinidad was built in Havana and launched on 2nd March 1769. It was the biggest warship of the 18th century, with 130 guns. After taking part in the naval campaigns of the late 18th and early 19th century, it last saw active service at the battle of Trafalgar, under the ensign of rear admiral Cisneros, where it was dismasted by the English fleet.

Our model kits will provide you with all the elements necessary to ensure the reality of your model ship, down to the smallest imaginable naval detail. We hope that you will enjoy your love of ship modelling with the vessel Santisima Trinidad, a splendid model ship that will provide you with lengthy periods of creative leisure.

Recommended glues (not included): Carpenter's wood glue for main structure, C/A type (Super Glue) for small details and contact cement for veneered parts