Plasticator Thick 40ml AMMO by Mig Jimenez

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AMMO presents you with a new surface preparation solution for all modeling materials. Using the latest technology, we present the ideal solution for preparing any porous material, enabling paint adhesion to any surface. This will save both time and the amount of paint required to cover absorbent surfaces.

With Plasticator products you can give any surface the texture of plastic, allowing you to paint on materials that prevent proper paint adhesion such as plaster, cardboard pieces, balsa & other woods, and laser cut paper kits.

This product seals paper parts, very porous materials such as plaster, and all types of wooden surfaces which also have porous surfaces that would otherwise absorb your paints and require large amounts just to cover the surface.

Plasticator is available in two different densities, thick and thin.

Non-toxic and water soluble for easy clean up. 


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