Napoleonic Wars British Infantry 1815 1/72 Italeri

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The steady “squares” of Wellington's Infantry resisted the countless cavalry charges of Marshal Ney at Waterloo and dramatically affected the outcome of the most famous battle of the Napoleonic age. The 2nd Regiment Coldstream Guards, one of the most celebrated units, took part in the defense of the Hougoumont farm.

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Product Details:

Scale: 1/72
Skill Level: 1
- Painting and minor assembly required

- 3 sprues
- Includes parts for 48 figures
- Various poses
- Accurate weaponry includes Brown Bess flintlock muskets
- Realistic and correct uniforms
- Includes one drummer
- Illustrated paint guide on back of box


Paint & Decal Guides:

Light Grey
Skin Tone
Flat Red
Flat Black
Flat White
Flat Yellow