MiG-29SMT Fulcrum 9.19 Russian Fighter 1/72 Trumpeter

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The Mikoyan MiG-29 Fulcrum tactical fighter was designed as the Soviet response to the new generation of fighters from Western countries. The program started in the early 1970s with the first flight on 6th October 1977.  The SMT variant upgraded the aircraft with additional fuel tanks, enhanced cockpit design, and higher-powered RD-33 ser.3 engines with afterburning thrusts. The weapons load was also increased in the design of this variant. 

Please see the paint guides below for Trumpeter’s suggested colors. 


Product Details:

Scale: 1/72
Length: 9.4”
Wingspan: 6.26”
Total Parts: 140+
- Assembly and painting required  
- Decals
- 8 sprues, upper fuselage and lower fuselage
- Clear parts


Paint Guides:

Smoke Blue
2 Shades of White
Medium Grey
Intermediate Blue
Burnt Iron
Flat Black
Grey Blue
Dark Compass Ghost Grey
Light Blue
Tire Black
Light Green
Clear Red
Clear Green
Medium Gunship Grey