M36/M36B2 'Battle of Bulge' 1/35 Academy

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The need to fight German heavy tanks forced the increase of M10 tank destroyer firepower. A cylindrical topless rotary turret with an extended bay in the back to provide counterbalance was installed. A 90mm M3 gun was redesigned from an anti-aircraft gun and a 50cal heavy MG was on the turret’s rear. The M36 self-propelled gun fought battles in France, Germany, and later in the Korean War. It was last used in the Yugoslavian civil war in the early 1990s.

Please see the paint guide below for the manufacturer’s suggested colors.


Product Details:

Scale: 1/35
Skill Level: 4
Length: 8.5”
Height: 3.75”
Parts: 440+
- Painting and assembly required
- 11 sprues
- Molded in high-quality plastic
- One decal sheet
- One-piece upper and lower hulls
- One photo-etched fret
- Newly tooled upper hull and transmission cover
- Flexible one-piece tracks
- Accurate 90mm main gun and .50 caliber machine gun
- Can be assembled as M36 or M36B2

- Includes thread
- Detailed interior

- Includes decals and paint guides for the following versions:

  1. M36, US Army, 703rd TD, Belgium, 1944
  2. M36, US Army, 82nd Airborne, Belgium, December 1944
  3. M36, US Army, 2nd Cavalry, Germany, March 1945
  4. M36B2, ROK Army, 53rd Tank Company, 1953
  5. M36B2, France Regiment blinde Colonial d’Extreme Orient, Tonkin, 1951
  6. M36B2, France Regiment blinde Colonial d’Extreme Orient, Tonkin, 1953

- Illustrated instructions and paint guide


Paint Guide:

Flat Black
Flat White
Wood Brown
Olive Drab
Clear Red