German Front Line Infantry Men 1/35 Tamiya

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Assembly Required. Ages 12 and up.


Product Details:

Skill Level: 2
Scale: 1/35
Features: 5 Figures Weaponry includes a stick grenade, a MP44 assault rifle, a machine gun, a Panzerfaust 60, and an automatic rifle
               Other accessories include holsters, a gun barrel case, canteens,binoculars, a map case and various pouches, plus two shovels and a bayonet
               Figures include two riflemen, a "second-in-command" soldier, a machine gunner, and a commander
               German panzer grenadiers are molded in highly animated acts of war, such as throwing grenades, shooting, or running
               Detailed facial expressions
               Box illustrations provide overall paint scheme, plus detailed camouflage patterns
               Figures are clothed in the M44 field jacket or the late type camouflaged smock