German F-104G Starfighter 1/72 Academy

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When it first appeared amid a shroud of great secrecy in 1954, the F-104 Starfighter was considered the most technologically advanced fighter to date. It has wings so thin and sharp they could cut unwary ground crew, and it was so small many questioned its ability to fly at all. The Starfighter was designed specifically to combat the Russian MiG-15 and similar enemy fighters. The idea was for more power and altitude, but these ended up costing other desirable characteristics such as maneuverability. The first versions of the F-104 were not successful and were phased out of the USAF after a relatively short service life. A refined version was produced in great numbers for foreign customers and the sleek plane finally found its niche in the world’s air forces. The main reason for the eventual success of the F-104 was due to a rethinking of the tactical role for which the plane was designed. Carrying a load of long-range missiles and firing them from a distance does not require a tight turn radius. The Starfighter has a great acceleration rate and a max speed of 1450mph, or more than twice the speed of sound.

Please see the paint guide below for the manufacturer’s suggested colors.


Product Details:

Scale: 1/72
Skill Level: 2
Parts: 40+
- Painting and assembly required
- 2 sprues
- Molded in grey plastic
- One decal sheet
- Clear parts
- Detailed cockpit interiors and landing gear
- External stores
- Pilot figure
- Illustrated instructions and paint guides


Paint Guide:

Dark Grey FS 36118
Dark Green FS 34079
Light Grey FS 36440
Day Glo Orange