Folland Gnat T.1 Jet Trainer Aircraft 1/72 Airfix

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The diminutive Folland Gnat was originally developed as a light and affordable jet fighter, but went on to be used extensively by the Royal Air Force as an advanced fast jet training aircraft. Entering RAF service in 1959, the Gnat was responsible for training many hundreds of future fast jet pilots during its 20 year service career.

Decal scheme 1: RAF 4 FTS XS100/57 (1970)
Decal scheme 2: Oscar EW-5894 Fallus – USS Essess 1991

Recommended colors (Humbrol):

11 Silver
33 Matte Black
53 Gunmetal
56 Aluminum
61 Flesh
64 Light Grey
80 Grass Green
126 Medium Grey
127 US Ghost Grey
130 White
163 Dark Green
166 Light Aircraft Grey
174 Signal Red