Diorama Texture Snow Effect Paint (100ml Bottle) Tamiya

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In diorama creations, snow is often used to express a winter field, severe cold atmosphere, and even a moment of quietness. This water-based paint features a paste-like texture with white marble particles (0.05-0.35mm) which realistically recreate snow surfaces. When used in conjunction with the Powder Snow Effect paint which has finer marble particles, a wide variation of snow surfaces can be richly recreated. The bottle contains enough paint to cover a 250 x 353 mm or 9.8 x 13.9 inches of area (1 coat).

Drying time: 4-5 hours. 1 bottle contains 100ml.

Product Details:

-This water-based paint features a paste-like texture with special resin particles for recreating dirt surfaces.
-Paste-like consistency offers excellent concealment qualities and can also be used like putty to fill in gaps.
-After applying a thick layer, the surface can be formed before it dries completely.
-Thin with water if paint is too thick.
-As these items are water-based, they do not have a strong smell and it is possible to clean with water before it sets.
-When applying, please use a spatula or an old paintbrush as new brush bristles may be damaged when applying.
-It is possible to mix with other Tamiya acrylic paints to achieve different colors.
-It is possible to apply washing and dry brush effect on the texture painted surface with enamel paints.
-Do not use with airbrushes as it may cause damage.