Boeing SST Supersonic Transport Passenger Airliner 1/400 Atlantis Models

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1/400 Scale. This kit comes molded in white with decals for Boeing 2700-200 and Pan American. Measures 9.50 inches long with display stand. Officially Licensed with Boeing.

The Boeing 2707 was an American supersonic passenger airliner project during the 1960s. Boeing won a competition for a government-funded contract to build an American supersonic airliner. The design emerged as a large aircraft with seating for 250 to 300 passengers and cruise speeds of approximately Mach 3. It was intended to be much larger and faster than competing supersonic transport (SST) designs such as the Concorde.
The entire SST concept was the subject of considerable negative press, centered on the issue of sonic booms and effects on the ozone layer. A key design feature of the 2707 was its use of a swing wing configuration. Rising costs and the lack of a clear market led to its cancellation in 1971 before the prototypes had been completed.