B-25J Mitchell 1/48 Revell Monogram

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Assembly Required. Ages 10 & Up.

The rugged B-25 was one of the most famous twin engine bombers developed during World War II. It was produced in larger quantities than any other American twin engine combat aircraft. The B-25 distinguished itself in the European, Mediterranean, and Pacific theaters. The B-25 achieved worldwide fame in April of 1942 when sixteen B-25’s under the command of Lt. Col. James Doolittle attacked Tokyo in a daring raid.

The medium bomber was heavily armed with as many as eight .50 caliber machine guns, and a 4000-pound bomb load. The B-25J was powered by two R-2600 Wright cyclone radial engines and had a wingspan of 67 feet and length of 52 feet.

Please see the paint guide below to complete the model as it's pictured on the packaging.
Product Details:
Skill Level: 2
Scale: 1/48
Wingspan: 16-3/4"
Length: 14-1/4"
Parts: 138
*Use only cement for polystyrene plastic*
Paint Guide:
Dark Brown
Flat Black
Flat White
Gloss Green
Gloss Red
Gloss Yellow
Neutral Grey
Olive Green
Olive Drab