AH-1W Cobra Helicopter Set for Aircraft Carriers 12-Pack 1/700 Trumpeter

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For taking out highly mobile armored targets, there's nothing better than a Super Cobra. Tanks and APCs are their favored prey. These lethal machines are a virtual whirlwind of destruction, equipped with a three-barreled 20mm cannon, rockets, TOW, Hellfire and Sidewinder missiles, plus a suite of powerful electronics. Many AH-1W Super Cobras have been upgraded to the AH-1Z variant standard, but the Super Cobra, a mainstay of the USMC since 1986, is not going anywhere.


Product Details:

Scale: 1/700
Parts: 48
- Requires paint and glue for assembly
- Illustrated instructions and paint profile
- 6 sprues
- For use with 1/700 scale aircraft carriers
- Decals
- Molded in clear plastic
- Includes parts to build 12 aircraft