A-37B Dragonfly 1/72 Academy

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Designed to combat guerilla warfare, the A-37B Dragonfly was designed as what the military referred to as a counter-insurgency (COIN) aircraft. It was based on the T-37, a prototype jet trainer first flown in 1954. The trainer was converted into the A-37A turbojet, which saw extensive action in Vietnam beginning in 1967. These aircraft were all subsequently converted into the more advanced A-37B. Powered by twin J85-GE-17A engines with a total of 5700lbs of thrust, the Dragonfly seats two pilots side-by-side and protects them with a nylon flak curtain. To guide the pilots, the A-37B boasts a wealth of navigation and communication instruments. Eight underwing pylons carry over 5000lbs of rockets, bombs and napalm, and a GAU-2 7.62mm mini-gun serves as fixed armament. Noted for its light weight and ability to fly low-altitude missions, the A-37B can also take off and land on very short airstrips. Most of the Dragonflies produced were sold to the US Air Force, who retired the last one in 1992.

Please see the paint guide below for the manufacturer’s suggested colors.


Product Details:

Scale: 1/72
Skill Level: 2
Parts: 100+
- Painting and assembly required
- 4 sprues
- Molded in grey plastic
- One decal sheet
- Clear parts
- Highly detailed cockpit interior and landing gear bay
- Fully engraved panel lines and rivet details
- Various under-wing stores and weaponry include 100g fuel tank, SUU-14A Dispenser, LAU-3 2.75” rocket pod and Mk.82 bomb
- Illustrated instructions and paint guide for two versions


Paint Guide:

Flat Black
Flat Red
Clear Red
Clear Blue
Metallic Grey
Khaki Green
Olive Drab
Dark Grey FS 36231
Medium Green FS 34102
Dark Green FS 34079
Brown FS 30219
Light Grey FS 36622