3M54 Club-K 40ft Variant Container Missile System 1/35 Trumpeter

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 Club-K, container missile system is dedicated to fire at overwater and ground targets with winged missiles 3M-54TE, 3M-54TE1 and 3M-14TE.3M-54 the missile has a hypersonic third stage and hits the target at the triple speed of sound. The container missile system can simultaneously fire at overwater and ground targets, that's is a main feature of the 'Club-K'.

The 'Club-K' system is placed in a standard 40-feet container, it can be installed onshore stations, overwater ships of different classes, trains, automotive stations. The 'Club-K' system consists of a universal launch module (ULM), combat control device (CCD) and power and life-support module (PLSM). Universal launch module hosts the launch station with capacity for 4 missiles. 

Model Length: 349.1mm  (13.75")  Width: 69.7mm (2.75")  

Kit consists of over 380 parts, 3M-54 missile and copper tube

Plastic model kit. Requires paint and cement for assembly (not included)