2S23 Nona-SVK 120mm Self-Propelled Mortar System 1/35 Trumpeter

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The Russian 2S23 NONA-SVK fire support vehicle is based on an extensively modified BTR-80 amphibious wheeled APC. It’s armed with a 120mm 2A60 rifled gun/mortar from the tracked 2S9 NONA. It is operated by a crew of four, powered by a water-cooled V-8 engine and sports a self-inflating tire system. Armor protection covers both the front and rear and it’s fitted with night vision and thermal imaging devices. 

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Product Details:

Scale: 1/35
Skill Level: 3
Length: 8.7”
Width: 3.3”
Parts: 550+
- Painting and assembly required
- 19 sprues
- One photo-etched fret
- One decal sheet
- Clear parts
- Brass wire
- One-piece upper and lower hulls
- 8 poly caps
- Optional position hatch
- 8 black rubber tires
- Illustrated instructions and paint guide
*Cyanoacrylate glue is required for photo-etched parts*


Paint Guide:

A. Light Green
Olive Drab
Flat Black
Tire Black
Sandy Brown
Wood Brown

B. Light Green
Olive Drab
Flat Black
Tire Black
Wood Brown