How to Use Tamiya’s Enamel Panel Line Wash

How to Use Tamiya’s Enamel Panel Line Wash

Posted by on Jun 3rd 2024

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How to Use Tamiya’s Enamel Panel Line Wash

Today we're delving into the world of Tamiya's enamel panel line accent colors. These unique products—available in brown, gray, dark brown, light gray, dark gray, orange-brown, and black—offer a fantastic way to enhance the details of your models, whether it's military equipment like tanks or aircraft or, in this case, model railroad items.

Imagine taking a boxcar or a tank car and giving it that weathered appearance that adds depth and character. That's exactly what these panel line fluids accomplish. They possess a fine point inside the cap, making them perfect for pin washes, where you run the brush along the model's panel lines, letting the thin, washed-out paint flow into those lines to create depth and realism.

Now, let's take a closer look at how this works. We've got a boxcar here where one side remains untouched, while the other half has been treated with the panel line fluid. This contrast helps us truly appreciate the impact of this technique.

How to Use Tamiya’s Enamel Panel Line Wash

To begin, we’ll be using Tamiya's brown panel line accent color. Brown complements the yellow, providing a striking contrast. With a brush dipped in the panel line fluid, we'll gently touch the inside corners of the panel lines, allowing the paint to naturally flow downward. This technique accentuates raised details, adding a layer of dirt and soot to mimic the effects of wear and tear from being in service.

As we apply the brown fluid along the panel lines, you'll notice how the details start to pop, making the car look three-dimensional and more realistic. Sometimes, a little excess might flow beyond the intended areas, but fear not! A quick touch with a brush dampened with enamel thinner helps clean up these slight overflows, ensuring a refined finish.

Now, let's explore the impact of the black panel line accent color. Black is ideal for darker cars, like the Burlington Northern 50-foot rib boxcar. It's also suitable for stark contrasts on white cars. Just a touch of the black fluid along the panel lines allows the paint to flow, accentuating details and providing that weathered look that's characteristic of well-used freight cars.

Despite applying a bit more than usual for demonstration purposes, the black paint seeps into the panel lines, enhancing the car's appearance. However, it's important to mention that excess fluid can be easily managed by using enamel thinner on a brush to tidy up any overflow, ensuring a professional finish.

How to Use Tamiya’s Enamel Panel Line Wash

And finally, let's not forget the panel line accent color in gray. You might think, "How would gray work on a black car?" Surprisingly, a gray wash on a dark surface creates an illusion of dust settling on the car. Droplets of gray fluid flow down the car's sides, highlighting and defining each panel line, resulting in a visually appealing effect that's impressive to behold.

Tamiya's panel line accent colors are versatile, enhancing the detailing of models across various genres, from model railroads to military, and even automotive models. It's an exceptional tool to add realism and depth to your creations, and we highly recommend trying it out for yourself.