Choosing the Right Glue and Tools for Your Plastic Model Kit

Choosing the Right Glue and Tools for Your Plastic Model Kit

Posted by on Feb 29th 2024

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Choosing the Right Glue and Tools for Your Plastic Model KitLet's delve into the realm of model-building tools and equipment—a vital aspect of crafting intricate and detailed model kits. When we talk about tools, we're referring to a range of implements, including knives, sanding sticks, and various adhesives crucial for assembling models with precision and finesse.

The choice of adhesive is a pivotal factor in model assembly. Novice modelers often begin with tube cement like Testors Cement (TES3501). This adhesive's popularity among beginners stems from its user-friendly nature. Its viscosity allows for easy application, leaving visible beads or lines on plastic surfaces, simplifying the process. However, it forms a bond between the joined pieces rather than completely merging them.

On the other hand, liquid cement—such as Tamiya's variants or AMMO Cement—resembles water in consistency. This type of adhesive melds plastic pieces together, effectively turning them into a singular, cohesive structure. Tamiya offers different types of liquid cement—standard, extra-thin quick-setting, and regular extra-thin—for various applications, providing modelers with versatile options.

Superglue, also known as cyanoacrylate cement (CA Glue), is indispensable for tasks requiring rapid drying and top-of-the-line adhesion. Its quick-drying nature and robust bond make it perfect for materials like photo-etched parts or resin, facilitating near-instantaneous bonding. However, its swift adhesion requires careful handling to prevent accidental gluing of fingers or parts.

Choosing the Right Glue and Tools for Your Plastic Model Kit

Beyond adhesives, the toolkit for model building encompasses various instruments, each serving a specific purpose. Hobby knives play a crucial role in precise cutting and trimming of model parts. Sanding sticks or sandpaper, available in different grits, aid in smoothing surfaces, refining edges, and eliminating imperfections, ensuring a flawless finish.

Moreover, the selection of tools extends to tweezers for handling small components with precision, pin vises for drilling tiny holes, and self-healing cutting mats to protect work surfaces while cutting or trimming. Additionally, specialized putty, used for filling gaps and imperfections, ensures a seamless final appearance.

Building model kits is a meticulous art that requires the right tools for the job. The choice of adhesives and other equipment significantly impacts the overall quality of the finished model. Whether you're a newcomer or an experienced modeler, having a diverse set of tools and adhesives at your disposal enhances precision and allows for intricate detailing, transforming a model kit into a work of art.