Coming Soon: Revell's Gemini Space Capsule 60th Anniversary Edition

Coming Soon: Revell's Gemini Space Capsule 60th Anniversary Edition

Posted by on Apr 7th 2023

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We're excited to announce that is doing an exclusive special run of the Revell Gemini Space Capsule. Though the tooling goes back to the 1960s, it has since been cleaned and fine-tuned to ensure a much higher quality than the original mold. We are bring back this popular kit as an homage to the upcoming 60th anniversary of Project Gemini, first launched in 1964. 

Project Gemini was the middle stage of the USA space program in our race to the moon. It came between the Mercury and Apollo programs. Through these three programs, we gained valuable experience necessary to reach the moon. The most notable o f these was the EVA of "Space Walk" to see if man could survive in space. There were a total of 12 Gemini missions between 1964 and 1966. They were all launched aboard the Titan II, which was actually a U.S. Air Force ICBM missile. The Gemini missions provided information on human endurance, the ability to dock with other vehicles and to perfect the re-entry procedure. All of these were needed to make it to the moon.

This kit is about 10 inches long when completed. It is comprised of 93 parts, molded in grey and clear parts. It comes with waterslide decals, a detailed interior of the command module, two seated astronaut figures, an opening entry hatch, an equipment module, and a display stand.

We expect this kit to arrive in June 2023. will be receiving the entire production, so no matter where you get it from, we will provide any service on the product. See below for some photos of our build of the sample kit. We will have more photos in the coming months, along with some videos about the kit. Stay tuned for more!