US Infantry in Gas Masks with Weapons & Equipment 1918 1/35 ICM Models

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ICM figure kits are quick to assemble and add realism to diorama scenes. The versatile line addresses a wide range of occasions. Fine details are highlighted in the accessories and each kit includes an illustrated paint guide. This kit features US infantry wearing gas masks and a cache of typical weapons and equipment they used in WWI.

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Product Details:

Scale: 1/35
Parts: 141
Skill Level: 2
- Painting and assembly required
- 2 sprues
- Molded in tan
- Four figures
- Two Lewis machine guns
- Two Chauchat CSRG Mle1915 machine guns
- Two Browning M1918 BAR machine guns
- Two each left and right M1918 BAR pouches
- Four Springfield M1903 rifles without bayonets and six with bayonets
- Two M1905 bayonets and six separate scabbards
- Four M1905 bayonets in scabbards
- Two Springfield M1903 rifles with rifle mortar
- Six rifle mortar grenades
- Two Winchester 1897 trench guns with bayonets
- Two M1897 bayonet scabbards
- Eight trench knives
- Twenty-four each 3-section and 2-section Springfield pouches
- Eight small pouches
- Two Colt Army 1917 revolvers
- Two Smith & Wesson Army M1917 revolvers
- Two Army M1917 revolvers in left scabbards and two in right scabbards
- Two revolver pouches
- Two Colt M1911 pistols and four Colt M1911 pistols in scabbards
- Six Colt 1911 pistol pouches
- Two M1 grenades
- Two shovels and six shovels in cases
- Two pickaxes and two pickaxes in cases
- Two axes and two axes in cases
- Two each wood and steel trench periscopes and two trench periscopes in cases
- Eight canteens and eight respirators in bags
- Two officer bags
- Two pairs of binoculars with separate cases
- Eight M1917 steel helmets
- Compass cover
- Illustrated instructions and paint guide

Paint Guide:

Semi-Gloss Black
Flat Tan
European Green
Bright Brass
Chrome Silver
Military Brown
Pale Green
Olive Drab
Skin Tone