Space Corps Vesta Intruder Model Rocket Kit (Skill Level Advanced) Estes

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In the 1950’s Enrico Fermi asked the question, if any relatively industrious and intelligent life can explore and colonize a galaxy, and intelligent life isn’t particularly rare, then intelligent alien life should be everywhere. Where are they? June 24th, 2055 humanity got those answers. A Space Corps Corvette patrol, on routine recon, encountered a large craft of unknown origin near the asteroid Vesta. Its purpose was unknown, its capabilities unbelievable, and it had no intention of making a peaceful contact. Now, 20 years later, the Vesta Intruder has returned, and is speeding toward the inner solar system, and the home of humanity. The Space Corps is making their last stand, and mounting a defense. Should talks not be possible, this will be a fight for the future of humanity, but traitors may receive a favorable fate from the alien conquerors. Where will you stand? The Vesta Intruder stands over 2 feet tall and can reach altitude of up to 350ft on a C11-3 engine! Although it roars off the pad with a Standard Estes Engine, it disappears into the sky like the light-speed spacecraft it was designed to be. The Vesta Intruder is not of human origin, and it shows from the menacing airframe to its out-of-this-world performance. Take the Vesta Intruder to your launch site to inspire dreams of intelligent contact, and the threat of technologies above our understanding.

WHAT YOU NEED TO BUILD: Scissors, pencil, ruler, fine sandpaper, yellow glue, hobby knife, masking tape, wax paper, sand block, primer (gray), paint (black, gray) and clear coat (optional). (Tools, construction and finishing supplies not included.)

WHAT YOU NEED TO LAUNCH (sold separately): Porta-Pad E Launch Pad and E Launch Controller, Estes model rocket engines, starters and recovery wadding. Four 1.5V high quality AA alkaline batteries are also required for launch controller (not included).