Mapping Technique Lights & Shadows Weathering Oil Paint Set (6 Colors) 20ml Tubes Abteilung 502

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High quality oil colors set with durable and stable pigments. With a high density, depth and intensity of colors. This set is special for making lights and shadows on your models. You can use the dotting technique and fuse the colors creating a discolored and dirty surface with a great color variation. Also using the technique of mapping and these oils, thanks to its properties that allow perfect blur and transparency, you will be able to create different effects and volumes on basecoats and camouflages on any ship, vehicle or aircraft. Get a real effect on your models just like the best European masters.

It contains: ABT2 Sepia, ABT35 Buff, ABT50 Olive Green, ABT92 Ocher, ABT155 Light Sand, ABT170 Light Grey.