British Churchill Mk VII Crocodile Tank 1/48 Tamiya

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This is a 1/48 scale plastic assembly kit model of the British Tank Churchill Mk.VII Crocodile. The Churchill design was the result of a chastening experience for British forces in early WWII, a more modern design that could be produced quickly to make up for armor shortfalls after the Dunkirk evacuations. The Mk.VII variant was up-gunned with a 75mm gun and had improved armor up to 152mm thick! The Crocodile is one of the most notable “special” variants of the Churchill. It had an 80-plus meter range flamethrower in place of the front machine gun, towing its fuel and compressed nitrogen propellant in a trailer behind.

Tamiya suggests these colors:
TS-2/XF-61 (Dark Green)
X-10 (Gun Metal)
X-11 (Chrome Silver)
XF-1 (Flat Black)
XF-15 (Flat Flesh)
XF-49 (Khaki)
XF-51 (Khaki Drab)
XF-56 (Metallic Grey)
XF-64 (Red Brown)
XF-84 (Dark iron)
XF-85 (Rubber Black)