Arado Ar 196 Aircraft Set for Battleships/Cruisers 6-Pack 1/350 Trumpeter

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Operating from lakes, rivers, and ship-borne catapults, the Arado Ar196B was one of the most powerful of all single-engine seaplanes used in WWII. Its low wing positioning, long range, and relatively heavy weapons load made it a significant danger to shipping and enemy bombers or reconnaissance aircraft. Long after the German surface navy was largely eliminated, the Arado Ar196B was still to be found flying long-range missions off the coasts.


Product Details:

Scale: 1/350
Length: 1.3”
Wingspan: 1.4”
Height: 0.8”
Skill Level: 3
Parts: 72
- Requires paint and glue for assembly
- Illustrated instructions
- 6 sprues
- For use with 1/350 scale aircraft carriers
- Decals
- Includes parts to build 6 aircraft
- Molded in clear plastic