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If you enjoy building plastic models, please email us your tips so newcomers can have a great place to find out about building models! Please send us pictures of your model build-ups via jpegs or gifs with the kit name. We will post the pictures on our sister site.

Tip Number 1

Take your time read the instructions, test fit your parts, sand off excess plastic use a toothpick when glueing parts together rather than spilling from the tube. If you are going to paint hit all parts with light coat of primer. Let everything dry dont rush. Building Models takes time and can be a great experience.
What do the Skill Levels Mean?
Skill level 1: ages 8 and up, not too many parts, snap-together, no glue or paint needed.
Skill level 2: ages 10 and up, glue is required, usually between 50 and 125 parts.
Skill level 3: ages 12 and up, experience recommended, glue required, and over 125 parts.

What are the Scales on the model kits?

The scales shown on the model are based on the size of the real item. A 1/25 scale car model means: 1 inch on the model equals 25 inches of the real car. Example: 1:1 scale means it is full size, and the higher the numbers go- the smaller the model gets. This can be applied to all models, ships, aircraft etc. Another example:a 1:700 scale ship model is half the size of a 1:350 scale ship.

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